Motorola goes home again

Land lines aren't dead yet.


Apparently not everyone is on the verge of ditching their land lanes. That, at least, is what we surmise from the actions of various phone makers, which seem to think there's still business to be had in the home handset market.

Among the models introduced recently are those from Philips and Siemens, while Japan's Amadana even has one that's into leather. The latest, however, comes from a manufacturer that's ensconced in the mobile world, Motorola.

Its "MOTOLIVN" land-line brand will be introduced in Europe first, according to U.K.-based Pocket-lint, and one of the models and can be used as Skype handset as well. Another notable feature is the line's energy-conserving "eco mode" option to save battery power.

Still, we wouldn't predict any huge industry trends based on Motorola's moves alone. Remember, it just introduced a designer walkie-talkie called the "TLKR." By the way, do all Motorola lines sound like custom license plates?

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