Motorola delays Android 2.1 for Cliq and Cliq XT

Motorola issues a tweet on the last day of the quarter to say it won't make its self-imposed Q2 deadline.

Motorola delivers the bad news that Cliq/Cliq XT users will not get Android 2.1 today.
Motorola delivers the bad news that Cliq/Cliq XT users will not get Android 2.1 today.

Motorola expected to have Android 2.1 on Cliq and Cliq XT handsets by today, but it's unfortunately not going to happen.

A posting on Motorola's forum says that the company is working to deliver the "best possible user experience" as soon as it can and that sadly, it will miss its expected Q2 deadline. The handset maker has updated the status of the two phones to "testing in progress." I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I bet it's better than the "upgrade under evaluation" status that is listed for other devices.

Realistically, the 2.1 update is probably only going to slide a few weeks. The Cliq was plagued with issues the last time an update was rolled out, so my guess is that Motorola wants to take the extra time to ensure there aren't any snags.

Updates like these miss their expected timelines quite frequently, and this isn't the first time Motorola has delayed a rollout. However, it certainly doesn't look good in the eyes of the public when they have been told for months that things were on track, only to find out on literally, the last day of the quarter that it's not happening. It definitely stings, but just think, things could be worse.

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