Motorola Defy ads axed for being misleading

U.K.'s Advertising Standards Agency says Motorola hasn't proven the Android handset is as rugged as it appears in ads featuring the device being dropped.

Motorola Defy getting doused

Party foul! Ads for the Motorola Defy have been banned in the U.K. after the Advertising Standards Agency there declared that the rugged Android mobile isn't as party-proof as its advertisements would have you believe.

Two TV ads showed the Defy surviving being dropped on to the floor in a club, and doused at a sexy pool party. Onscreen accompanying text says it's "dance-floor proof" and "pool party proof." More text reads: "Water resistant, scratch resistant, dust proof. It's life proof."

Those ads have been branded misleading, however, after three Defy users complained that the screens on their phones had cracked after dropping them.

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