MorphCase turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Well, sort of. This intriguing Indiegogo project provides a speaker and microphone that simulate the iPhone experience. But you'll still need Wi-Fi to make calls.

The MorphCase adds a speaker and microphone to your iPod Touch, thus allowing you to enjoy Wi-Fi-powered calls more easily.
The MorphCase adds a speaker and microphone to your iPod Touch, thus allowing you to enjoy Wi-Fi-powered calls more easily. Dexterity LLC

If it looks like an iPhone and walks like an iPhone, it must be an iPhone, right? Yet the iPod Touch isn't quite there.

Sure, you can install a voice-over-IP app like Fring, Line2 (a personal favorite) , or Skype and make calls over Wi-Fi, but you still have to plug in a headset or rely on the speakerphone -- you can't hold the iPod up to your head and talk into it like you do an iPhone.

Not yet, anyway. Indiegogo project MorphCase lets you use your iPod Touch like an iPhone, effectively replacing the need for a headset with a cleverly customized case.

Specifically, the MorphCase plugs into your iPod's headphone jack and clips over the top and back, giving you a handset-style speaker and microphone.

In other words, it lets you hold your iPod to your ear, just like you would an iPhone. It adds very little weight, depth, or length to the Touch, meaning you should be able to leave it attached full-time without it being a nuisance. Plus, it's compatible with nearly every current iPod Touch model: second, third, and fourth generation.

As of this writing, developer Dexterity LLC has raised just $800 of a $100,000 goal, with 24 days to go. For as little as $30 shipped, you can buy one of the first MorphCases (in your choice of black or white) -- assuming the project reaches its goal.

Of course, there's still the matter of needing Wi-Fi. That's always been the chief obstacle in relying on your iPod Touch for phone duties, and why some users might prefer an option like the FreedomPop iPod Touch 4G Sleeve , which brings inexpensive 4G service to the Touch. Now, if the MorphCase would somehow fit over that, we'd really be onto something.

What are your thoughts on the MorphCase? Worth funding? Answer to a prayer? Not worthwhile until Wi-Fi is more widely available? Share your feedback in the comments.


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