Morgan Stanley sees new iPhones by September

Morgan Stanley offers its latest take on the probability of new iPhones in the fall.

Morgan Stanley chimed in Wednesday with a note to investors about upcoming iPhone models.
Morgan Stanley chimed in Wednesday with a note to investors about upcoming iPhone models. Apple

A Morgan Stanley note to investors adds to the mounting evidence of new iPhones coming in the fall.

In a research note on Wednesday titled, "Systems and PC Hardware Asia Trip Takeaways Part I," Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley said new iPhones appear to be on the way.

"Multiple new iPhone SKUs begin production in Jun/Jul, on track with the Sept launch we model," she wrote in a note sent to investors and obtained by CNET.

That's not exactly breaking news -- as speculation of new iPhones has been rife -- but the fact the Huberty is in Asia talking to suppliers lends credence to the September launch of new iPhones, such as the rumored iPhone 5S.

This follows a report out of Japan on Tuesday saying that Sharp will begin volume production in June of displays for the "next" iPhone model at its Kameyama plant in Mie prefecture.

The release of new iPhone models is expected to coincide with the availability of iOS 7, the next operating system for Apple's mobile devices. The rumored iPhone 5S will also likely have new innards, possibly including an updated processor.

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