More ways for Wii to fly off the handle

Brando has sports attachments, including a small baseball bat

If Hong Kong-based Brando were a little kid, he'd be the one in the back row of the classroom getting everyone else in trouble. That, at least, is what the gadget maker seems to be doing (wittingly or otherwise) with its "Sports Pack" of accessories for the Wii.

The innovative "Wiimote" of Nintendo's new game system has gotten the company in some legal trouble with people who blame the device for gaming-induced injuries. Now Brando comes along with a set of attachments to the wireless remote, including pint-sized versions of a tennis racket, golf club and baseball bat, of all things. (Remember the De Niro scene in The Untouchables?)

Talk about throwing kerosene on a bonfire. It should be noted, by the way, that our colleague Caroline McCarthy was one of the first to point out the Wii-bashing phenomenon way back in November. She's kind of like the Brando of Crave.

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