More things to play with on your BlackBerry

Gameloft will bring its mobile games on the BlackBerry line, showing the expansion into the marketplace by R.I.M.

King Kong's now on your BlackBerry.

Good news for all you BlackBerry users out there, as Gameloft announced today it will be bringing its mobile games to everybody's favorite thumb-straining devices. The games will cost about $7 a piece, and covers a range of categories from King Kong to golf.

The New York Timessaid this is the latest move in the BlackBerry line becoming more mainstream. With the release of the mainstream-friendly BlackBerry Pearl and the increased graphical prowess of devices like the BlackBerry 8800, mobile games seem like a natural step. But with users already willing to pay hotels to lock up their devices, do we need more things to do on a BlackBerry?

A quick check of Gameloft's Web site shows the company only has games for BlackBerry 7230, 7290, and 8700 at the moment, but that's bound to change.

One thing's for sure, those "BlackBerry massages" could soon see more business.

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