More than just an average mobile USB hub

Mobile professionals no longer have to worry about obstructed USB ports or toting numerous USB cables.


I know, it's a mobile USB hub. What's there to be excited about, right? IOGEAR's new 3-Port USB 2.0 Mobile Hub--the GUH276--is only worth mentioning because of its thoughtful design.

The hub only has three ports (hence the product name), but unlike others I've tried, these all face up and are widely spaced so no port has to go unused because of a bulky device. And instead of trying to jam a fourth USB port on top, IOGEAR attached a mini-USB cable to the device. The cable is capable of doing data transfers, say from a digital camera or camcorder to your computer as well as charging stuff like MP3 players, cell phones, or other mobile devices.

When you're done using it, the two cables securely wrap around the outside edge. Not bad for $12.95.

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