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We dredged the series of tubes for you!

We dredged the series of tubes for you! Here's some other Craveable stuff that's going on around the Web.

--GREEN TECH: Panasonic Eco-house on display in Tokyo (Treehugger)

--CONSUMERISM: Target and designer Tord Boontje illuminate Union Square (PSFK)**

--END-OF-YEARNESS: CrunchGear's best of 2006 (CrunchGear)

--GAMING: Fake Wii ad more effective than real Wii ads (Best Week Ever)

--SUBCULTURES: Nerd Life For Sale (coin-op)

--NEWS: Fast-Food Self Service Kiosks Coming, Silicon Lifeforms Taking Over World (Gizmodo)

--GAMING: Nintendo family tree T-shirt (Uncrate)

--ONLY IN NEW YORK: At NYC's Blip Festival, teaching old tech new tricks (CNET

** As a side note, I recently had a conversation with CNET TV's Rich DeMuro about how ironic it is that Target's been sponsoring high-profile events all around Manhattan (that David Blaine gyroscope thing, massive advertising at Penn Station, and now this) when there are still no Targets anywhere on the island. Crazy!

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Why do so many of us still buy cars with off-road abilities?

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