More speakers getting into leather

It's a distinctly urban trend.

Audio Junkies

We're not judgmental sorts at Crave, as we believe fully that people should have the right to have whatever gadgets they want behind closed doors. Still, we can't help but wonder what's behind a trend we've detected lately: speakers that are into leather.

They're certainly not the only items to drape themselves in animal hide, of course, but we're curious if there's a particular reason to use leather on speakers--on second thought, perhaps we don't really want to know. In any case, the latest example comes in the form of Audio Pro's new line, which ranges from an entry-level pair for $300 to a full 5.1 system for more than $2,000, according to Audio Junkies, all in black or brown leather. And lest there's any confusion, the reference "subs" refers to subwoofers. Just FYI.

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