More on USPS postage printing and Mac discrimination

More on USPS postage printing and Mac discrimination

After our initial report on the US Postal Service's Mac-incompatible postage printing service, several readers let us know that they have been fighting for over a year trying to encourage a Mac version of Shipping Assistant.

Their web site states "The Postal Service has delivered its Transformation Plan to Congress. This comprehensive Plan was developed to address both the near-term and long-term efforts that will result in a continued ability to fulfill the mission of the Postal Service - to deliver business and personal mail affordably (sic) to everyone, everywhere." Everyone, everywhere, but not Mac users.

"I wrote a letter to Postal officials last November; I said: I've been waiting for a year for a Mac version of Shipping Assistant. When is it coming? Please advise. Their response: "Dear USPS Customer, A MAC version has not been developed yet. I do not have an estimated time of when a MAC version will be available."

USPS has posted a message on an alternative, limited service for Mac users that reads "We are currently expanding the new Print Shipping Label to support more operating systems. This version will remain available until that time."

UPDATE: Dick Wood notes the potentially serious pricing discrepancy (caused by lack of proper Mac software support) between Mac and PC postage options:

"Because it costs a Mac user 55 cents to purchase delivery confirmation for Media Mail, and it costs a Windows user only 13 cents with the Postal Service's own software, Shipping Assistant, the Windows user gets a whopping 76% discount on this business expense. If I mail 500 books, each with delivery confirmation, it will cost me US$ 210 more than the Windows user pays. For this reason alone, the Postal Service has been extremely derelict in its duty to provide services to all of its customers."


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