More on-demand tunes, playlists from Grooveshark

Within minutes of my post on Just Hear It, two people had e-mailed me about a similar but much more extensive service, Grooveshark

Count on CNET readers to set me straight: within minutes of my post about Just Hear It , two people had e-mailed me about Grooveshark, which not only offers on-demand playback of millions of songs, but includes album art, fully functional playlists (complete with a very useful "add to queue" feature), and a chart of most popular plays. Equally important, the site displays advertisements, which means that somebody is collecting money, presumably to disburse to the artists whose music is played through the site. This, along with the fact that Grooveshark's been operating for more than two years, reduces the chance that you'll suddenly find it gone overnight.

But Grooveshark isn't new to CNET: the Download blog first covered it back in September 2007 , wrote about the service's addition of widgets and uploads back in October , and Digital Home blogger Don Reisinger listed it as one of the top five music streaming services last December .

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