More nuptials for the mouse and pen

Another Korean company thinks there's a market for this combo.


For some reason, it seems that some Korean companies are convinced that there's a demand for mice that double as pens. First there was Wow-Pen , which continues to evolve its combos . And now there's a competitor with the inspired name of ISV PenandMouse. (With a moniker like that, we assume there's no need for a mission statement.)

ISV's latest offering is a wireless mouse that works with an accompanying 2.4GHz dongle and mousepad, according to Red Ferret. It has three programmable buttons and even a built-in scroll wheel somewhere.

If this trend continues, things could get ugly when the competition really heats up: To distinguish themselves, rivals might have to start incorporating even more features, such as cameras , DVRs , hot-spot finders , or aromatherapy . The first one to give a massage will get our vote.

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