More new phones from Samsung

Samsung introduces the 3G SGH-A637 for AT&T and the simple SGH-T109 for T-Mobile.

The A637 for AT&T Samsung

Samsung remains as eager as ever to swamp us with new phones this autumn season. The company launched two new handsets this week that span the range of cell phone usability.

On the high-end is the Samsung SGH-A637 for AT&T. Though its simple candy bar design may not impress, it offers a heavy load of features. Inside the quad-band world phone you'll find dual-band 3G, a 1.3-megapixel camera, an XM radio player, AT&T Cellular Video, messaging, e-mail, personal organizer options, stereo Bluetooth, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Mobile Music, a speakerphone, and a microSD card slot.

The T109 for T-Mobile Samsung

The Samsung SGH-T109 is a new basic phone for T-Mobile. Behind the green flip phone design there is messaging, personal organizer options, a speakerphone, photo caller ID, and polyphonic ringtones. The T109 is $69 but you can get it for free with service.

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