More machines that handle less laundry

This portable mini-washer from Haier is a nice option for handing small loads.

I'm not sure what it is that appeals to me so much about these mini washing machines I keep telling you about. Maybe it's the dream of one day doing far less laundry than I do today. Sadly, that dream is years and years and years away, given the size of my ever-expanding family--and their annoying habit of wearing clothes every day.

So cute! So clean! Haier

But if you don't have as many children as I do, or if you've somehow convinced them that they don't need clean clothes every day, you might love the 1-cubic-foot Pulsator washer from Haier. The machine's smart technology lets you choose the wash setting and water level, so you can run the perfect load every time.

Traveling with an infant? Take this portable machine along and keep baby fresh and clean--it plugs into any 120-volt outlet. The machine is also ideal for delicates--the center agitator has been replaced with a pulsating system for a better clean without tangles.

And just because it's small and portable doesn't mean this machine is old-fashioned. It has electronic touch controls with LED indicators and 3 electronic controlled water levels. Use the included quick-connect sink adapter and get your clothes clean.

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