More iPod-friendly products from Sony

Sony has taken the wraps off the ICF-C1iP clock radio and ZS-S2iP boom box, both of which feature docks for Apple's iPod music player--a rival to Sony's once-dominant Walkman brand.

Sony ICF-C1iP iPod clock radio
Sony's ICF-C1iP iPod clock radio Sony

Sony's taken the wraps off two more iPod-compatible home audio products: the ICF-C1iP clock radio, and the ZS-S2iP boom box. The ICF-C1iP clock radio is available in black or white and offers an adjustable backstop for accommodating various sizes of 'Pods in the built-in dock. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard feature set for the clock radio category--adjustable brightness control; AM/FM radio; wake to iPod, radio, or alarm; and wireless remote. Personally, i think the clock's digital display--along the bottom of the iPod dock--seems like it would be too easily obscured, but maybe I just have too many books on my nightstand.

Sony ZS-S2iP boom box
The Sony ZS-S2iP boom box has a retractable iPod cradle Sony

The ZS-S2iP loses the clock, but adds a CD player (which remains something of a rarity on iPod-compatible speaker systems). The iPod dock is retractable, and the S2iP isn't restricted to AC power--it can also run on batteries.

Both the ICF-C1iP clock radio and ZS-S2iP boom box will be available in August for a mere $100. So the question becomes: should SDI Technologies, purveyor of the iHome brand, be frightened--or flattered--that Sony is muscling in on its turf?


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