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Motorola takes a global perspective at Mobile World Congress. CNET takes a tour through the company's stand in Barcelona.

BARCELONA, Spain--If you've ever doubted that Motorola has a global presence, then you need only to visit Mobile World Congress. Moto spoke to the United States and Europe with its Cliq XT/Quench announcement , showed the quirky A45 Eco for Latin America, and it threw a few bones to Asia with the Google Android-powered MotoRoi, XT800 Zihshang, and MT710.

The square, slider A45 Eco has a dual personality.: not only does the youth-oriented handset focus on messaging, but it's also made from recycled materials and is certified as carbon neutral. It sports a quirky orange skin.

The MotoRoi and MT710 weren't announced in Barcelona, but the Motoroi is notable as the first Android phone for Spain. We saw the MT710 and the XT800 at CES last month. Both handsets offer the usual Android features, but have different takes on a candy bar, touch-screen design. For a closer look at the Asian Android phones, head over to CNET Asia.

And though it wasn't officially on display at MWC, we also held the Motorola Devour for the first time. Look for the Droid's (or, if you prefer, the Milestone's) little brother to arrive at Verizon Wireless very soon.

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