More cheap Netbooks

Liliputing lists 13 Netbook computers selling for under $400

My What is a Netbook posting briefly mentioned some low end models both because those are the ones that interest me and because that's where I think the future of Netbooks lie. While many Netbooks sell for over $500, it's debatable whether any laptop computer priced over $500 can be considered a Netbook.

Brad Linder at Liliputing just compiled a list of low end Netbooks called 13 netbooks for $399 or less.

One thing missing from his brief descriptions is whether the screens have a matt or glossy finish. To me this is a big deal, I much prefer matt.

One minor nit to pick. The cheapest Acer Aspire One with Windows XP is $350 at Newegg. Brad links to it at Amazon which charges $379.

Anyone buying a Netbook has a big initial decision, Linux or Windows XP? My thoughts on that soon.

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