MontaVista buys two Linux firms

The embedded Linux computing specialist fully acquires joint venture MontaVista Ltd., along with Liberte, a Linux design services company.

MontaVista Software has acquired a business partner and another company, both of which, like MontaVista itself, focus on Linux for embedded computing devices such as slot machines and mobile phones.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said Tuesday that it has fully acquired joint venture MontaVista Limited and also has absorbed Liberte Software, a Linux design services company that had worked closely with MontaVista Ltd.

The acquisition of the two U.K.-based endeavors will bolster MontaVista's sales and services staff, the company said.

"The growth in the embedded Linux market in Europe is phenomenal, and MontaVista Software is now extremely well placed to serve that demand," Russell Harris, executive vice president of worldwide field operations at MontaVista, said in a statement.

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