Monster Turbine Pro: Audiophile ear 'buds'

Monster's original Turbine in-ear headphones are the best bang-for-the-buck audiophile in-ear headphones around. The new Turbine Pro adds gold bling and sounds way better.

The original Turbine. The new Pro looks similar, but with more gold. Monster

On Thursday night in Manhattan, Mr. Monster himself, Noel Lee, introduced a handful of journalists to his new top-on-the-line in-ear headphones, the Turbine Pro.

I'm a huge fan of Monster's original Turbine at $150. It's easily my pick for the best bang-for-the-buck in-ear. But the new Turbine Pro at $250, due out next month, is better. The Turbine remains in the line.

I was listening to a hand-built prototype Turbine Pro (the builder must have really tiny hands) and I have to say, the new baby has even greater clarity, more accurate bass, and sweeter treble. It's a more refined sound. Not that the standard Turbine is a slouch in those departments, but the Pro is just better in every area.

Lee also demonstrated his newly designed ear tips, which were extremely comfortable and provided improved isolation from external noise.

The headphone's technical details weren't disclosed. So for now I can't really say why the new ones are better. More to come on that.

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