Monster puts kibosh on rogue server

Job site pulls the plug on a rogue server that was stealing information about job candidates from its database.

Malicious attackers beware, a Monster may be coming after you.

After a malicious attackers pilfered job candidate information from its job seeker database, Monster located the attacker's rogue server and pulled the plug, the company announced Wednesday. But fallout from that episode remains.

The hooligans, who loaded a Trojan horse called Infostealer.Monstres on the company's resume database, got access to job candidates' names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

They weaseled their way in by gaining access to a legitimate log-in credential reserved for employers, via a computer that had been infected with the malicious software.

Now, Monster is assessing the extent of the damage. The company is investigating the number of job seekers who were affected and will be contacting them. Monster is also offering information on avoiding online scams, phishing and fraud during a job search.

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