Monster debuts Wireless Bridge for iPod

Like the Belkin TuneStage before it, the Monster Wireless Bridge turns your iPod into a wireless music remote that plays back through the big speakers of your home stereo system.

Monster Wireless Audio Bridge base station
The funky base station of the Monster Wireless Audio Bridge Monster

Add one more item to the list of upscale iPod accessories. The Monster Wireless Audio Bridge for iPod effectively turns the Apple music player into a remote control, using a small snap-on dongle to wirelessly transmit the audio stream from the player to the base station, which in turn attaches to your home stereo. The base station boasts a modernist Bang & Olufsen-style design, and Monster pledges that the proprietary 2.4GHz wireless system works at ranges up to 30 feet. If the Wireless Audio Bridge concept sounds familiar, it's because it's very similar to Belkin's TuneStage products, which have already been available for a few years. Price and availability on the Monster product weren't announced.

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