MobileMe service updates

MobileMe has released a service update affecting iDisk, Find My iPhone, and contacts.

MobileMe has released a service update affecting iDisk, Find My iPhone, and contacts. The bulk of the changes affect the iDisk section of MobileMe, including interface updates to the Public folder page that make it look like the rest of and enables drag and drop for moving files between folders (when activated for visitors). The update also allows users to access another member's MobileMe Public folder from the interface.

Other updates to the MobileMe service, as outlined in a recent Apple support article, include:

  • New Public folder page located at now matches the look of and supports drag and drop of files between folders (when enabled for visitors)
  • Allowing visitors to upload, move, and delete files on your Public folder can now be set from
  • An iDisk Public folder password can now be set from
  • When logging in to a password-protected Public folder with a web browser, entering the generic username "public" is no longer required
  • Adds ability to connect to another member's Public folder while viewing your own iDisk at
Find My iPhone
  • Adds Find My iPhone icon to the MobileMe toolbar at
  • Adds new URL to go directly to Find My iPhone:
  • Resolves an issue where exporting multiple contacts may result in an incomplete set of contacts

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