Mmm, bacon! (Vegetarians need not apply)

Also probably not for the grease-conscious.


In today's high-paced, BlackBerry-powered world, a lot of things have been made more expedient (and more annoying) through the use of high technology, but there are a few things that gadgets just can't seem to solve easily. One of the biggest ones: waking up. We've seen loads of crazy alarm clocks recently, from the one that you have to chase around to the one that flies to the one that you have to dismantle like a bomb. But here's a prototype for an alarm clock that actually might work: instead of an alarm, it wakes you up to the scent and sizzle of freshly-cooked bacon.

Here's how the "Wake 'n Bacon" works: stick a frozen piece of bacon into the large pig-shaped clock when you go to bed at night, and then is timed to slowly and tantalizingly cook it in all its greasy goodness, beginning 10 minutes prior to your wake-up time. Then, presumably, you wake up and you eat it. Yum!

Problem: I don't think I want to have a large, scary pig staring at me while I sleep. Aside from that, it sure sounds like a cool idea. If it works, that is.

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