debuts killer iPhone app's new iPhone application features live MLB scoreboards and actively updated highlights from completed games and games in progress. on the iPhone James Martin/CNET

Baseball fans rejoice. has just debuted a killer iPhoneapplication at WWDC 2008. The application provides live scoreboards, with individual box scores and pitch-by-pitch updates, along with current and constantly updated video highlights, minutes after the play happens.

This application is great for checking in on your team while you're on the go. Instead of being frustrated by not being able to see what your team is up to,'s solution puts the whole baseball experience, not just the scores, in your pocket.

This iPhone application looks like it's the best in its class, as far as sports applications go. has been leading the way in streaming sporting events over the Internet. They are continuing their tradition of quality products here.

The development of rich sports applications like this one is nothing but great news for sports fans as others are likely to follow suit. This application is sure to drive more subscribers to's service.

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