Mix me up a 'mad scientist'

To make a mad scientist, you need blueberry schnapps and a test tube to serve it in. While the Cocktail Chemistry Set doesn't have the schnapps, it does provide the beakers.

The Cocktail Chemistry Set Perpetual Kid

Is mixing a drink an art form? Or more of a science? Either way, the Cocktail Chemistry Set is perfect for a bartender ready to experiment. While it does have a basic shaker--a standard piece of bartending gear--the rest of the set looks like it came straight out of the lab. There's a 7-inch tall glass flask, perfect for mixing up unusual concoctions, along with an 8-inch glass stirrer. There are also four test tubes, perfect for serving up your latest drink, and a stand that holds all of the pieces. The whole set is decorated with different scientific symbols, either biohazard or nuclear.

All good bartenders spend some time experimenting with drink ideas--I'm pretty sure that's how someone came up with the "mad scientist" shot. A "mad scientist" is half a shot each of blueberry schnapps and raspberry schnapps, topped off with grenadine and just a dribble of Baileys. The shot winds up looking like a real mad scientist's experiment. The Cocktail Chemistry Set will give you a chance to come up with some wild drinks of your own.

Perpetual Kid sells this particular bartending set and it's usually priced near $40. However, it's currently out of stock.

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