Mitsuoka Orochi Zero special edition

Mitsuoka launches the Orochi Zero, a cheaper edition of its Orochi model.

Mitsuoka Orochi Zero
The Orochi Zero special edition costs less than the standard Orochi. Mitsuoka

When most car companies launch a special edition, it means custom colors, maybe some new interior components, and 10 percent to 20 percent price increase. But Japanese car maker Mitsuoka went the opposite direction, launching a special edition of its Orochi model called the Orochi Zero. It comes in about 10 percent cheaper than the standard model. We first saw the Mitsuoka Orochi at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Show. This different-looking handmade car, originally based on the Acura NSX platform, uses a 3.3-liter V-6 producing 230 horsepower. We don't know why Mitsuoka decided to build the Orochi Zero, but we know how it came in cheaper than the standard model. Mitsuoka reduced the amount of metal-plated accessory parts and used artificial leather for some of the interior upholstery.

(Source: JCN Network)

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