MiTAC finalizes purchase of Magellan

MiTAC International announces that it has finalized the purchase of Magellan Navigation's Consumer Product Division.


In mid-December, Magellan entered into a definitive agreement to sell its consumer products division to Taiwanese-based MiTAC International Corporation, which owns Mio Technology. The news was unexpected and at the time, there were questions about what would happen to the Magellan GPS brand. Fear not, Magellan fans, it will continue to exist along with its Maestro, RoadMate, and Triton product lines.


On Tuesday, MiTAC finalized the purchase of Magellan and the new entity will be called MiTAC Digital Corporation. However, the Mio and Magellan brands will continue to operate independently in the United States but will share technology expertise. In addition, Mio revealed that while it will still offer in-car GPS, the company will move forward to develop a number of GPS-based lifestyle products that extend beyond portable navigation devices. Hmm, does anyone else smell GPS-enabled smartphones or is that just me?

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