Misty Scentilizers uncork smells for MP3 tunes

The Scentilizer sends puffs of odoriferous mist through your room while you mellow out to music on your iPod.

Serene House

Want more of a sensory experience while chilling to music on your iPod? Scentilizer is a series of diffusers that puff out smells and mist along with an LED display while you're listening.

The seven units available from Serene House come in various shapes and sizes. They emit fragrant vapors by combining essential oils and water and vibrating at a frequency of 1.70KHz.

It might be an ideal accessory for lava lamp lovers. Or Barry White fans.

Models such as the Rainbow ($249.95, above) have built-in speakers and a selection of installed music, but you can also hook up your MP3 player to them.

Scentilizers will debut at the New York International Gift Fair in August and will range from $119.95 to $299.95. You can also get them online now at the Serene House Web site.

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