Minor software update for Backflip now available

AT&T's first Android handset sees a minor update designed to improve the overall stability of the phone.

It's getting an update. Josh Miller/CNET

Motorola issued a software update to AT&T's Backflip this week to address the touch screen, messaging, Bluetooth, and more. Very similar to the Cliq update from a few months back, it's a minor release designed to improve the phone's overall performance.

Among the changes customers should notice are improvements to battery life, text messaging, device stability, and 3G connections. Other, less noticeable, tweaks address streaming audio and video interruptions and better audio through Bluetooth headsets. Motorola offers more information about the update on its support page.

On a related note, the Backflip is still scheduled for an Android 2.1 update in the third quarter of this year. Motorola is currently testing Android 2.1 for the T-Mobile Cliq and Cliq XT. After postponing that update on the last day of the second quarter, Motorola is expected to roll out Eclair at some point near the middle of August.

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