Mini Androids cuter than any smartphone

Show off your Android love with these adorable Android collectibles.

Cute Android mini-collectibles
Cute Android mini-collectibles Dyzplastic

We know you Android fans love your smartphones, be they the original T-Mobile G1 or the brand-new Nexus One. But putting up a poster of your phone is probably a little weird. Why not purchase an adorable Android mini collectible and display that instead?

This series of vinyl Android toys is made by artist Andrew Bell, and there are 12 different Android designs packed in blind-boxed cases of 16. Each mini Android is 3 inches tall and has arms and head that rotate. Dyzplastic will offer them later this month as well as specialty retailers. No word on pricing, but I'm sure no price is too high for the Android fanatic.

(Via Engadget Mobile)

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