MindTouch Deki's new release integrates...just about everything

MindTouch just came out with a major new release, one that continues to make "wiki" mean more and more.

Disclosure: I am on the advisory board for MindTouch.

Double disclosure: I really, really like the latest release of MindTouch Deki (formerly "Deki Wiki").

MindTouch has always thought that a wiki should be about more than simply creating basic web pages. With its new "Kilen Woods" release, the company has significantly bent the rules as to what constitutes a wiki, and just which data sources can feed into a wiki.

LinkedIn? Yep. Salesforce.com? Sure. SugarCRM. Uh-huh.

MindTouch Deki enables businesses to connect and mashup the growing number of application and data silos that exist across an enterprise - including legacy systems, CRM and ERP applications, databases, and Web 2.0 applications....For example, MindTouch Deki can visualize content from a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access databases and mash it up with other services, such as Microsoft Live Earth or Google maps, LinkedIn and a CRM system - offering a common wiki and web-service interface for content and behavior from multiple sources.

eWeek and others have some good reviews. Me? I just like that I don't have to learn any wiki language to use it . Take a look for yourself:

With 3,000 downloads per day and 400 paying customers, MindTouch is on a roll. It's not the only collaboration play in town, by any means. But I continue to find it to be one of the most interesting.

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