Microwave bowl stirs it up

The Prepology Microwave Food Warmer with Auto Stir Technology uses a very simple method to stir food while cooking.

Let the microwave do the stirring.
Let the microwave do the stirring. QVC

Microwaves aren't exactly known for their abilities to perform graceful cooking tasks. Certainly, technological advancements have extended the capabilities of the microwave up to the point where sophisticated meals can be made with the appliance. But still, sometimes it's about getting your hands dirty. Or silicone paddle, as the case may be.

The Prepology Microwave Food Warmer with Auto Stir Technology is an easy, no-hassle way to stir cooking food in turntable-equipped microwaves. Featuring extendable arms that reach out to the sides of the microwave, the gadget stays in place while the bowl rotates underneath. Simply clip it on to the bowl (no attachments inside the microwave are necessary); the action of the turntable rotates the bowl and the integrated silicone paddle agitates the food.

Until that time when microwaves are capable of stirring soups, sauces, and gravies by themselves, accessory gadgets like this bowl will come in handy. Previously seen in other, similar styles such as in the StirMate, it is apparent that the utility of the device is one that is appreciated. It may not yet be the appliance of choice for making the most delicate dishes, but that doesn't mean the microwave can't stir up a new set of expectations.

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