Microwavable lunch containers

Need a way to keep the kids' lunches hot? These kid-size bowls are good for lunch bags and make meal prep fast and easy.

Soup with style. Aladdin

I'm a big fan of advance preparation. Before my kids go to bed, I like to set out clothes for the next day, set out their schoolbags, and pack their lunches. But my kids love to have things like soup, rice, couscous, or other need-to-heat items in their lunches, and those get packed in thermoses. Which cannot go in the microwave. So I either have to make them in the morning and stress myself out or heat them in a different container and make more of a mess. Neither option appeals.

The Aladdin mini lunch bowl is a clever solution. This microwavable bowl lets you prep the night before, heat in the morning, and keeps food warm until lunchtime. An integrated pull-out drawer keeps the spoon safe and easily accessible. And when the kids come home from school, everything can go straight to the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The bowl costs about $12 online and comes in several different colors. There's also a version with an integrated ice pod for foods that need to stay cold.

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