Microsoft's Surface team hard at work on smartwatch prototype

Xbox accessories team reportedly is no longer on the project.


Microsoft has decided that smartwatch production should fall under the auspices of the Surface team, The Verge reported on Monday, citing people who are familiar with Microsoft's plans. The Xbox accessories team previously was developing a prototype that would come with a heart rate monitor, The Verge claims.

The device runs on a modified version of Windows 8 that would allow for integration with other Windows devices, The Verge's sources say. An earlier report from AmongTech, which claims to have obtained its information from Microsoft sources, says that the wristwatch boasts 6GB of storage and connectivity with LTE networks. Cloud storage also might be included. AmongTech claims the device could be made available in several colors.

Over the past several months, smartwatch rumors have been erupting at a torrid pace . Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are reportedly all working on devices that could take watches to the next level. So far, however, none of those companies have confirmed such a device will launch.

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