Microsoft's dissident-directors slate taking shape

TechCrunch rolls out a few more names for folks to chew on should the software giant enter into a proxy fight with Yahoo.

Followers of the Microsoft-Yahoo buyout saga have a few more names to chew on as possibilities for Microsoft's dissident-directors slate, according to a TechCrunch post.

Kenneth Goldman, former Siebel Systems chief financial officer; Richard Kashnow, former Raychem chief executive; James Mooney, Sirius Satellite Radio and chairman of Virgin Media; Vanessa Wittman, former Adelphia Communications chief financial officer and Ross Levinsohn, former Fox Interactive Media president are the latest names to appear on TechCrunch's list.

Previous names on the TechCrunch list included John Chapple, former Nextel Partners chief executive who now operates investment firm Hawkeye Investments in Washington state; Edward Meyer, former CEO of advertising powerhouse Grey Global Group; and Jaynie Studenmund, former chief operating officer of Yahoo-acquired Overture Services and former board member of Microsoft-acquired Aquantive.

One name delisted from TechCrunch's roster was Tom Freston, former Viacom president.

Yahoo's 10 director seats will be up for re-election to a one-year term at the company's next annual shareholders meeting. A date for that meeting has yet to be set.

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