Microsoft's copyright campaign against Google

Microsoft is rolling out the big guns in its ongoing battle with Google.

Microsoft's copyright campaign against Google

In an opinion piece in the Financial Times, Microsoft General Counsel Thomas Rubin slammed the search engine, complaining about "companies that create no content of their own, and make money solely on the back of other people's content, are raking in billions through advertising and initial public offerings."

And he will follow up on that theme on Tuesday during a speech in front of the Association of American Publishers annual meeting.

Rubin and Microsoft are pointing fingers at Google's and its book search program, both of which have had legal issues with copyright.

But bloggers argued this morning that Redmond's assault may be sparked more by fears that it is losing out in the search engine battle. And, they warned, those words could come back to haunt Microsoft later.

Blog community response:

"If Google's book scanning project is found to violate copyright, then Microsoft may be in a lot of trouble as well, as it will effectively outlaw Microsoft's search engine also -- and with it, plenty of the benefit that the internet provides."

"Although Microsoft's attempt to exploit Google's YouTube problems is understandable, it's also slightly repulsive and reeks of desperation. The software titan is hoping to build itself up by tearing Google down, never a good long-term strategy for success. Microsoft might damage GoogleÂ’s reputation in the short-term, but it's highly doubtful that Google's incredible usefulness, not to mention its solid legal footing, will slip over time."
--IP & Democracy

"It's an audacious PR move by Microsoft. The company's trying to swap hats with its young rival, stealing Google's white hat while putting the black hat that is has worn so long on Google's head. No doubt, Google will launch a rhetorical counterattack, but that's surely part of Microsoft's plan. In a mud fight over copyright with Microsoft, Google can only be the loser."
--Rough Type

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