Microsoft pushes Office subscriptions

The newest version of Office can also be had for an annual fee, Apple's iPad gets more storage, and sites stream the Super Bowl for free.

Tuesday's CNET Update doesn't need another yearly fee:


Microsoft Office 2013 comes in several flavors, so today's show breaks down what you need to know about upgrading. A single copy of Office 2013 with the basic programs costs $140. But Microsoft is pushing a new yearly subscription version called Office 365. The $100 yearly fee brings regular updates, as well as bonus cloud storage space and free calling time on Skype. The fee also gives customers the option to download Office on five computers.

Also in the news:

- Apple announced it will offer a 128GB iPad on February 5, just days before the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

- Facebook updated its iOS app, adding voice mail and video-recording options. The Android app got these options last week.

- Stream the Super Bowl from your computer this Sunday.

- OpenTable acquired Foodspotting for $10 million.

- Eat like a chef with the new iPhone app called Find Eat Drink.

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