Microsoft online store lists Kinect for $150

Microsoft's new motion-gaming peripheral may finally have an actual price tag. The company has posted a figure on its online store.

Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360.
Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

When Microsoft showed off Kinect--its motion-gaming answer to Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation Move--at E3 this month, one key detail was absent: price.

Since then, many industry watchers have estimated that Microsoft will sell Kinect for $150 when it launches November 4. Even Best Buy,, and Wal-Mart, three major gaming retailers, have put the $150 price tag on Kinect listings on their respective Web sites.

So far, though, Microsoft officially has been mum on Kinect's price tag.

Realizing this, it is rather surprising to see that Microsoft's online store is now listing Kinect for $149.99.

That said, the figure should be taken with a grain of salt. Microsoft has yet to publicly confirm Kinect's price and has not immediately responded to a request for price confirmation. There is also the possibility that the price will change before the peripheral is released.

Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft's director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, said Monday in a tweet that "all prices now, no matter what the retail source, are placeholders."

Regardless of the questionable price, if you're keen on Kinect, several online retail sites--including Microsoft's--are now accepting preorders.

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