Microsoft mice showcase design, feature refinements

Microsoft announces two new laser mice

The new Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 comes with a snap-in wireless transceiver. Microsoft

Microsoft announced two new mice this morning which are to hit stores next month. We got a bit of hands-on testing this morning after Microsoft came through with a preview.

The Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 will cost $50 and comes with a USB 2.4GHz wireless transceiver that snaps into its bottom. Snap-in transceivers are more commonly associated with laptop mice, but Microsoft says it sees a significant number of laptop users who want a full-sized mouse.

The Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 will be the least expensive rechargeable mouse. Microsoft

The Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 is a little more swank. The 7000's batteries are rechargeable. It also comes with a flat-lying base station that conforms to the bottom surface of the mouse. The compact, efficient design of the charging station is a dramatic improvement over the the clunky hunk of plastic that came with Microsoft's older Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. The Wireless Laser 7000 and its $70 price tag also takes a swing at Logitech, whose least expensive recharging mouse, the G7, costs $80.

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