Microsoft IronPython goes beta

Microsoft has released a beta version of IronPython, the code name for a version of the Python scripting language for Microsoft's .Net development software.

The IronPython toolkit is designed to let Python developers make use of all of the "libraries" of prewritten code in the .Net Framework. Applications can run on Windows or, using Novell's Mono software, on other operating systems, including Linux.

The release of IronPython will add a scripting language to Microsoft's tools arsenal.

Scripting, or dynamic, programming languages are rising in popularity with developers . The development tools for these languages, such as PHP, Perl and Python, are being beefed up with high-end features, such as close integration with relational databases.

The person behind IronPython is Jim Hugunin, a highly regarded open-source programmer. The source of the IronPython beta is available under Microsoft's shared source license.

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