Microsoft, Google challenge GeoTag patent

Tech giants take on patent that's been used to sue more than 300 other businesses, many of them customers of the Bing Maps and Google Maps services.

Microsoft and Google have teamed up to challenge a patent held by GeoTag--a geolocation technology company--that has been used to sue more than 300 other businesses.

The technology giants said the lawsuit, filed in District Court of Delaware earlier this week, is a result of the hundreds of suits GeoTag has lodged claiming those businesses infringe on the patent, which relates to geotagging technology. Many of the existing lawsuits are with customers of the Bing Maps and Google Maps services, the filing said.

"The suits have placed a cloud on Plaintiffs' web mapping services, have caused customers to seek relief from the Plaintiffs, and have created a justiciable controversy between Plaintiffs and GeoTag," the filing said.

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