Microsoft boasts 400M active accounts

Microsoft has completed its to migration and now is claiming 400 million active Web mail accounts.

Microsoft has completed moving its users over to, and executives are now claiming the company has 400 million active accounts as a result.

Microsoft announced the completion of the transition on May 2. The company added that it's migrated 150 petabyes of e-mail over the past six weeks.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft also said it's adding two new features to SMTP Send, making it easier to send mail from different e-mail addresses, and deeper SkyDrive integration.

The new SMTP Send support streamlines the process of sending from an alias, without recipients seeing a message saying, "Sent on behalf of..." And on the SkyDrive front, users can now insert files and pictures directly from SkyDrive.

In February of this year, Microsoft executives said they had 60 million active accounts. At that time, they said they'd be closing Hotmail and moving the hundreds of millions of existing users to

Of the current 400 million, 125 million users are accessing their accounts from mobile devices, Microsoft said.

To those Hotmail users who are struggling with the interface, I'd suggest you check out this video and frequently asked questions document. I've heard from many (many, many) of you that you can't find your calendar, contacts, etc. Hopefully, this page will provide some help.

This story originally appeared as "Microsoft now at 400 million active accounts" on ZDNet.

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