Microsoft adds photo editing to Mac Office

The upcoming release will also get Sparklines--the mini charts that were added in the last Windows version of Office.

Microsoft said Wednesday the next version of Office for Mac will get two key features that were part of the latest Windows version: photo editing and mini charts in Excel, known as Sparklines.

In a video posted on its Office for Mac Web site, the company showed how the two features will work. Sparklines are tiny charts that fit in a single cell and allow one to see the trend in individual data points.

As for the photo editing, Microsoft said Office for Mac will allow such things as color correction or background removal from within the new versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office for Mac 2011, as the product will be dubbed, is due out in October. Among the key changes is the fact that Microsoft is bringing back Outlook for Mac, replacing the less-Exchange compatible Entourage e-mail and calendar program that had been in prior Mac OS X versions of Office.

Outlook will also get the conversation view feature that Microsoft added in Office 2010 for Windows.

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