MetroPCS adds 4G LTE in New York, Boston

MetroPCS now has nine LTE 4G markets, but still only one 4G-enabled phone.

Samsung Craft SCH-r900 - blue (MetroPCS)
Josh Miller/CNET

The fifth-largest U.S. carrier may never have had much in the way of 3G networks, but MetroPCS is continuing to close the gap by expanding its 4G LTE markets to major U.S. cities.

Today, New York, Boston, and Sacramento, Calif., join the roster. For now, that gives Samsung the edge among U.S. customers, since the Samsung Craft is currently MetroPCS' only 4G-enabled phone. Although not a smartphone, the Craft was also the first LTE-enabled phone.

MetroPCS' LTE service is also available in San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Service is also expected in Atlanta and in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Fla., by early next year.

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