Mesh Tennis: A whole new way to find love online

When it comes to tennis, I've got skills.

The level of sheer irrationality I've been known to exhibit in the occasional game-time outburst ranks right up there with likes of the legendary John McEnroe.

The only problem is I never have anyone to play with.

You can blame that on my courtside manner, but I really don't know many tennis players to begin with and certainly none that share my "passion."

Lucky for me, there is a new Web site called Mesh Tennis, dedicated to tennis and the pursuit of the match.

The site, which is designed and maintained by a 24-year-old IT project management and entrepreneur from New Jersey named Chris Keller, is quick to update, easy to navigate and loaded with functionality.

"My goal is to interconnect all members of the tennis industry and provide a medium in which you'll never be able to again say, 'I can't find someone to hit with in my area,'" Keller said.

Members are connected in a number of ways, from the equipment they use, to the blogs they read, the courts they frequent, or socially--by simply adding friends.

So far the site has a user-created directory of 250 tennis courts nationwide, each of which feature a ready-to-attach satellite photograph complete with details such as fees and whether the court is private or public.

There's also a page to read and write gear reviews, peruse and join groups, keep a running tally of your matches, and of course, blogs, which are divided into categories such as Instructional, Site News and Pro Tour.

The only drawback is the site, which went up a mere two months ago, has only just broken the 2,000-member mark, severely limiting the chance of a potential match-up in your area.

When you're dealing with such a new and specialized network, however, that's just the way the ball bounces.

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