Mercedes-Benz's telematics tech, naturally, is @yourCommand

At CES, the German automaker is talking about the telematics technology it plans to put in its luxury cars, "a cloud-based solution" that offers smartphone integration.

A look at the dashboard of a Mercedes-Benz featuring its smart technology. Sarah Tew/CNET

Telematics. It's one of the hottest terms in the auto industry these days, and just about every carmaker is rushing to offer its own version of the connected car.

At CES today in Las Vegas, it was German automaker Mercedes-Benz's turn to paint its telematics picture, and it did so, unveiling its @yourCommand system.

As the company put it in a release, "The car becomes a mobile-communications center, then enables [the] driver and passengers to access all modern media and services at any time. Uncoupling from the conventional vehicle development cycles is achieved on the one hand through secure and comfortable integration of the smartphone in the vehicle, and on the other hand through the use of a consistently cloud-based solution. This ensures that one is always in close touch with the rapid developments in the smartphone and computer world."

According to the release, @yourCommand focuses on four areas: sensory perfection, holistic experience, natural interaction, and a convenient remote control.

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