Mercedes-Benz releases My '12 CLS-Class iPad app

The Mercedes-Benz My '12 CLS-Class is the first of a series of My '12 product apps. It's available for free at Apple App Store.

The Mercedes-Benz MY '12 CLS-Class iPad App is the first of a series of MY '12 product apps that will be available for free through the Apple App Store. Mercedes-Benz

Can't afford the more than $70,000 for a new CLS-Class coupe? Try customizing a virtual one instead on the Mercedes-Benz My '12 CLS-Class iPad app available free at the Apple Store.

The app, created as a tool for dealership sales associates, lets you take virtual tours of the interior and exterior of the CLS-Class. Users can also customize their own four-door coupe.

Additional apps for My '12 vehicles will launch throughout 2011 to coincide with the retail release dates.

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