Mercedes-Benz explores coupe styling in wagon

Mercedes-Benz shows off its Shooting Break Concept at Auto China 2010.

Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept
Mercedes-Benz showed off the Shooting Break Concept at Auto China 2010. Mercedes-Benz

At Auto China 2010, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Shooting Break Concept, a sleek new wagon design. Mercedes-Benz says that the Shooting Break Concept is a further exploration of coupe styling that the company pioneered with the 2004 CLS, which it calls a four-door coupe. The Shooting Break Concept also uses styling elements from the ConceptFascination , shown at the 2008 Paris auto show.

The term "shooting brake" usually refers to a small wagon. Mercedes-Benz explains that the name Shooting Break is equally valid for this type of vehicle, coming from the name of a type of wagon used to break in horses.

Although the onscreen interface in the Shooting Break Concept looks similar to current Mercedes-Benz models, the switchgear uses different styling, with squared-off shapes. The interior of the Shooting Break Concept ups the luxury quotient, using fine wood for the cargo area floor and over the console, interspersed with brushed aluminum. The cargo area also hosts side bins, which Mercedes-Benz calls saddle bags.

Head and tail lights are comprised of LEDs, and the Shooting Break Concept uses a new direct-injection 3.5-liter V-6, producing 306 horsepower, which is likely to see use in production models.

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