MeeVee adds personalized Web content

MeeVee adds personalized channels that aggregate TV content for your computer. But is it really TV shows--or just YouTube clips?

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We checked out MeeVee in September, and cited its lack of integration with recording and viewing services. Today, MeeVee has strengthened its viewing service with two new features: personalized networks and community video. Essentially the site lets you pick out your favorite shows and then aggregates relevant videos from hosting sites like YouTube and EVTV1 (with several more on the way). Clicking on any of these videos will actually take you outside of the MeeVee site, but there's a helpful frame put on the top of the screen to direct you back. We're told MeeVee is moving to an embedded system for some content providers before its official release next week.

What's interesting is the differentiation in the channel results: the network videos come from major content providers, whereas the community videos are often fan-made. Adding the CBS show Jericho gave me some great results for network, but the community videos gave me mostly clips of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho (who is arguably more entertaining than Jericho's Skeet Ulrich).

You can quickly add a variety of shows, actors, or keywords, and MeeVee grabs videos for you to watch. What I like even more is not having to register with MeeVee to enjoy these personalized features (note: you do have to create a profile to save your favorites). There's still no Tivo or Windows Media Center integration like we had hoped for, but as far as work-entertainment sites go, MeeVee clearly has a winner with this new video aggregation tool.

CNET Networks
CNET Networks

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